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Opatija, a town, harbour, tourist, summer and climatic resort on the foot of Mt. Ucka, situated at the eastern coast of Istria in the Rijeka Bay, 13 km southwest of Rijeka .The coastal region formed of limestone, in which Opatija lies, is protected from the north and northwest by Ucka. Climatic conditions are favourable, with relatively mild winters; the mean air temperature in January attains 4.7 °C, and in July 23.3 °C. The whole narrow coastal strip is covered with evergreen vegetation. The climate and the specific historic and geographic features favoured Opatija's rapid development as early as 19th century. Chief occupation is tourism. The harbour consists of a pier and a protected basin. Opatija is the one of the most attending and one of the most fancy resort on the east cost of Adriatic.

The beginning of the tourism in Opatija is in year 1843. It was the completion of the railway Vienna - Trieste and the branch railroad from Pivka to Rijeka opened the way from Vienna to Opatija.

The luxury hotels, sanatoria, and private villas (owned by Austria’s aristocracy) were built in 19th century. They made a lot of parks, and community center as well. The fame of Opatija was let down after first word war. It started getting up again in the middle of 20th century. They place stress on non season stays, they build up modern congress hall and another places and services for congresses, meetings, symposia, etc…Opatija is today one of the most frequented places in Croatia.

It is four city’s swimming pools in the town for visitors - the bathing is limitation. During a year they organize International Yachting Regatta (in May), the Opatija Yachting Cup (in November).

In Opatija is a large offer of culture and community programs – dancing clubs, night clubs, restaurants, casinos, concerts, etc.

Hotel Palace
Fountain in park


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